Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I had been curious about this foundation for the longest time.  For years I've heard great things about Giorgio Armani products.  Aside from my inability to locate a Giorgio Armani counter in my neck of the woods, the only other thing that stopped me from purchasing a bottle of their award winning foundation was the sticker price.  At $60 a bottle, this isn't like buying chewing gum.

During my recent holiday to London, I popped by Harrod's really quick.  When I saw that Harrod's was having a huge sale (40% off!), I immediately bee lined to the Giorgio Armani counter.  As I watched the indeed luminous and silky foundation disappear onto my skin upon application by the Giorgio Armani sales associate, I knew I couldn't leave the store without a bottle in my possession.  It really proved its name true.

What I love about this foundation:
1. It's light weight.  You don't feel like you have a ton of product on your face.

2. It has buildable coverage without making you look caked up.  Your skin still looks like skin.  The first time I used this foundation after purchase, I layered 3 - 4 coats to test its "buildability" (I swear that word only makes sense in the makeup world).  I was pleasantly surprised to find that even after 3 - 4 coats, my skin still looked natural.  It didn't feel heavy on my skin at all (see #1: light weight!).  It also covered small minor blemishes and evened out my skin tone.  You still will need a concealer to conceal any larger blemishes such as a pimple.  You shouldn't be using solely foundation to cover pimples anyway.

3. No SPF.  This makes this foundation great for flash photography, red carpet events, and evening outings.  Brides-to-be, this is good news for you.  SPF tends to give flashback in photography - you know when your face takes on a white cast?  That's courtesy of SPF.  With no SPF, your skin will look true to its color.  If you plan on wearing this out during the daytime, I highly recommend applying SPF prior to applying this foundation to protect your skin from UV rays and sun damage.

4. Beautiful natural finish.  Natural and luminous finish accurately describes it.

5. It's oil free!!

6. Advertised as great for all skin types.

I was asked to compare this foundation to Chanel's Vitalumiere Foundation.  Now unfortunately, I haven't tried Vitalumiere.  I have, however, used the Mat Lumiere.  You can read about my review for that foundation HERE.  I like both foundations but the Mat Lumiere gives me more sun protection during the daytime since it has SPF in it.

From what I know about the Chanel Vitalumiere, it is made specifically to hydrate dry skin.  Those with dry skin will benefit from the Vitalumiere's hydrating properties.  The Chanel Vitalumiere also contains SPF 15, giving you some level of protection against UV rays and sun damage.  From my own personal experience, SPF 15 is still ok for flash photography.  Anything higher gives me cause for concern when flash photography is involved.  Brides to be, make sure you discuss this with your makeup artist and photographer to ensure beautiful wedding photos.

Based on the Mat Lumiere, I still believe both foundations are great.  You just need to be mindful of the SPF.

Verdict: If you can afford it, get the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation!  Tres bon!

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