Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: Chanel Ombre Contrast in Notorious Sculpting Veil

Introduced in Chanel's limited edition collection Contrastes Essentiels de Chanel for Autumn/Winter 2012, the Ombre Contrast in Notorious Sculpting Veil madly rippled through the cosmetics world as the IT contour powder.  Virtually sold out everywhere within a few months, one wonders whether its sought after status due to its scarcity contributes to its in-demand popularity (scarcity heuristics, right, psych majors?).

I was first introduced to this product by a gal pal of mine.  I had never even heard of this product until she asked me what I thought about it!  A quick search online revealed its scarcity.  You can bet your sweet derrieres that my obsession to possess this product immediately then began.  I'll save you all from the details of my Mission: Obtain Chanel Ombre Contrast Notorious because in the end, it found its way into my makeup collection.

Description: This dome shaped mauve-y colored sculpting powder has notes of grey and smokey purple.  It is vastly different than your typical brown colored contour.  It looks to have a bit of shimmer but applies matte.  The product itself is buttery soft without being powdery.

Application: It applies very sheer and will require you to continually layer the product on to see definition and pigmentation on your cheeks and eyes.  I found that even with continual layering, it still stays on the light side.  If you want more color pay off, I suggest gathering some product onto your brush and then spritzing your brush with water (I used MAC Fix +).  Apply and then buff the product.  Because it applies sheer, there is little to worry about harsh lines or streaks.  Wetting the product on your brush will assist in intensifying the color.

Best with: Light and cool toned complexions.  This product will be hard pressed to show up on darker skin tones.  I wouldn't use this as my every day contour product.  Instead, I would only use this if the rest of my makeup included cool tone colors.  See below:

Price: $43 for 0.14 oz.

Verdict: This is a product ideal for cool toned makeup application on fair to light / light medium skin tones.  If anyone knows a dupe for this that has more color pay off for a more affordable price, please share!  

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