Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Restaurant Series - Gordon Ramsay's Petrus Restaurant

For all my foodie subbies, I've decided to start a Restaurant Series for this blog.  After all, what's the point in enjoying delish food if you can't share it?  The first in this series - Gordon Ramsay's Petrus Restaurant in London.

Awarded a Michelin Star in 2011, this stylish and modern French restaurant was at the top of my list for eats when we were on holiday in London.  A short walk from our B&B in the lovely Belgravia neighborhood, I made sure this was our dinner the first night we were in London.  (You should always start things with a big bang, right?)  Upon entering the restaurant, my taste buds were tingling with excitement.  It's Gordon Ramsay for crying out loud!  My husband, however, was more enamored by the gorgeous glass wine cellar smack in the middle of the entire restaurant.  Lo and behold...

Let's just dive into the food - my husband and I both opted for the Chef's Menu.

Before the first course from the Chef's Menu arrived, we were given this amuse bouche.  For the life of me I couldn't catch what the server described it as because he was so soft spoken but I caught "foie gras" and some sort of cheese.  Regardless, it was oh so delicious.  The square noshes you see above contained the foie gras.  The sweetness of the foie gras paired with the crisp ...whatever it was that sandwiched it in... was to die for.  The tubular noshes you see above contained a cheese that was melt in your mouth.  The cheese also had a sweet quality to it.  It was a great preview to what was coming.

Another amuse bouche that was also nothing short of amazing: watercress mousse topped with salmon tartare on a crouton.  UH-MAZE-ING!

First course: ballotine of landes foie gras with semi-dried grapes, green beans, and hazelnut crumble.  BOOM!  Hello first foodgasm!

Second course: pan fried scallops with cauliflower, anchovy and capers, lemon beurre noisette.  Foodgasm part 2.

Third course: Roasted suffolk pork fillet with crispy suckling pig belly, apple, and madeira jus
Ok, the pork fillet disappointed.  It was bland and a bit dry.  I was disappointed in the right half of this dish.  However, the pig belly was nothing short of amazing.  The skin was oh so delightfully crisp but the meat underneath somehow managed to be so tender and succulent.  It's so hard to blog about this pig belly because I want more more more!

We were spoiled by the staff when it was time for dessert.  This pretty concoction was put before me: Mango sorbet with coconut crisps, ginger sponge on top of coconut foam, garnished with fennel.  Who knew these pairings went so deliciously together??

Frozen vanilla bean ice cream with a white chocolate shell.  We were generously given a second round of this.

(Apologies for the photo quality) Mini lemon and mascarpone ice cream in a cone.  OMG I loved this.  LOVED.  THIS.

Ahhhh and the famous Chocolate Sphere with Milk Ice Cream and Honeycomb

Watch my video for how the chocolate sphere dissembled:

This was such an amazing meal and fabulous kickstart to our holiday in London.  Thumbs up Gordon Ramsay!

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  1. ok, I'm salivating uncontrollably. Dammit it, woman. I want MOOOOOOOOOOOORE.