Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restaurant Series: Ebury Wine Bar

Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

In the heart of the Belgravia neighborhood, southwest of Buckingham Palace, where Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once resided, lies a quaint little gem called Ebury Wine Bar.  Retaining its entry for the second year in a row in the Michelin 2013 London Restaurants and Hotels Guide, this gem was literally at the other end of the neighborhood where our B&B was located.  Upon entry, you are given the option of dining at the bar should you prefer a lighter meal or the restaurant, which offers gluten and dairy free options.  Typical of a wine bar, it also boasts of a list of fine wines by the glass or bottle.  In a nut shell, this establishment promises gourmet meals at wine bar pricing.

Aside from the impressive food, the decor promises to captivate you with the trompe-l'oeil walls.  We actually had to get up out of our seats to examine a wall clock to make sure it was real and not merely painted in, which is typical of tromp-l'oeil art.

Our server, to our delight, not only knew the menu inside and out, he also gave wonderful wine pairing suggestions for our meal and dessert!  He also regaled us with stories of his recent trip to Italy.  Based on our food orders, he recommended the following bottle of wine:

It was quite delicious and worthy of an award winning wine...then again, I'm not a sommelier so don't take my word for it =)

Cured foie gras with raisin and apple puree alongside toasted brioche

Breaded plaice fillet, parsley creamed potatoes, and buttered vegetables

Courgette and lemon risotto

File of wild sea bass with ratatouille and gazpacho vinaigrette

As for dessert, we asked the server to go ahead and pair whichever brandy he deemed was suitable for each of our orders.  He was more than happy to oblige ...and did not disappoint!

Raspberry panna cotta with raspberry and mint soup

Creme caramel with poached pear

Chocolate fudge cake with strawberry compote and creme fraiche

Dark chocolate truffle with 12% rum

Hands down the chocolate fudge cake was the best dessert.  I'm also not a fan of dark chocolate (I know...don't judge) but the truffle was amazing.  

All in all, I'd recommend this wine bar.  The staff was friendly, fun, and attentive; the food was delicious; the ambiance was fun and relaxing; and the decor was uniquely beautiful.  

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