Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recipe: Ca Phe Sua - Vietnamese Coffee

Aaaaahhh Vietnamese coffee - the Legal Crack.  I introduced one of my caffeine addict pals at work to this recently and then received the following text message: "My computer is taken apart on the floor, my pulse is around 160 BPM, I'm estimating 30 seconds in 10 seconds...my hands are shaking and I can barely send this text.  I love this stuff."

Mission accomplished!

Special Equipment
Phin filter - available at most Asian markets for about $5
Cafe du Monde coffee
Condensed milk (I prefer the Longevity Brand with the old man on the label)

Photo Directions

This is what a phin filter looks like.  The lid is to the right.

Remove the screw filter in the inside.  Spoon 2 heaping teaspoons of Cafe du Monde coffee grounds into the filter.  Screw the filter screen into place but do not tighten it too much.  Too tight and the coffee will take forever to drip.  Too loose and it'll drip so fast your coffee will taste like muddied water.  Pour about 2 teaspoons of condensed milk into a cup (adjust to taste).  Place the phin filter on top of the cup.

Pour a bit of boiling water into the phin filter.  Allow it to completely filter through.  Next, pour boiling water to the rim of the phin filter.

Cover the phin filter with the lid and allow it to completely filter into the cup.  The lid is what will keep your coffee hot!  When the water has been completely filtered into the cup, stir to thoroughly mix the coffee and condensed milk.

Enjoy it hot....

...or add ice to enjoy it cold!

Want a history of Vietnamese coffee?  Trung Nguyen, the Starbucks of Viet Nam, gives a great historical break down of Vietnamese coffee HERE

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