Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introduction to Cleansing Oils

This past Christmas, I was introduced to Shu Uemura's Skin Purifier. I'm use to seeing gel cleansers, foaming cleansers, cream cleansers, exfoliating cleansers, and wipes but a cleansing oil?  Definitely virgin territory.

Truth be told, this product took me almost two months to get use to.  I have combination skin - the dry areas are dry and the oily areas are oily.  I look for matte foundation formulas to keep the oil at bay.  I then top my matte foundation formulas with matte loose powder, touch up with matte pressed powder, and use oil blotting paper during the day to rid myself of oil and shine.  Thus, the idea of slathering oil onto my skin to rid it of impurities and makeup is counter-intuitive. In fact, the first time I used this product, I almost threw the entire thing out.  My face felt like it had an oily residue even after I rinsed my face numerous times with water.  Panic then set it.  Oil residue may lead to acne.  Sigh.

However, I continued use to see if my fears were justified - lo and behold, they were unfounded.  It's been about two months now and my face has not broken out.  In fact, now that I'm use to the "oily residue," it actually feels like my skin is hydrated.  How effective is it as a makeup remover?  I used a white towel to wipe down and dry my face after I washed it and absolutely no makeup residue was found anywhere on the white towel.   

This cleansing oil doubles as eye makeup remover quite effectively as well.  I don't use mascara as I am allergic so I can't personally comment on that.  Other users have reported success in removing mascara with this product.  However, this cleansing oil easily removes my waterproof eyeliner just as well, if not better, than my regular eye makeup remover (Sonia Kashuk).  Even when I leave my contact lenses on while removing eye makeup, the formula does not irritate or sting my eyes. 

Use this with a Clarisonic for optimum results.  Two pumps of oil onto your fingertips, massage into your skin using circular motions, use your ring finger for your eye area (it's the weakest and thus won't promote wrinkles), use the Clarisonic, and then rinse with water.   How easy is that?

The cons: pricey.  The price range is between $67 - $90 for a 450 mL bottle, depending on the type of formula you purchase.  Visit the Shu Uemura website for more details as to formula and pricing for each formula.

Verdict: Tres bon.  Singing praises for cleansing oils!

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